18 Days

18 days from today, we will see just how many Americans drank the Obama kool-aid. If you believe the polls, the indoctrination has been quite extensive. Luckily, the polls have never been very dependable., Yet, living in a city and state that is slowly (or not so slowly) resembling San Francisco, and being surrounded by so many angry liberals, it’s difficult to remain hopeful about the coming election and the future of America. But, we can’t let hopelessness or apathy take over. We have to curb the tide of liberal socialism that is sweeping across America, with more and more American’s asking “What can the government do for me?”. An Obama presidency, and a federal government controlled almost entirely by far-left Democrats (i.e Reid, Pelosi, Soros, etc) is very scary. Just look at the damage the Democrats have been able to impose under the cover of an unpopular Republican president and do-nothing Congress.

Go vote. And pray.


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