Don’t Give Up!

If you’re like me, you are going through periods of hopelessness about the outcome of this election. No matter what TV channel you’re watching or radio station you’re listening to, you’re consistently seeing McCain down in all the polls. You’re seeing the massive crowds of living dead that are showing up at the Obama rallies. You’re seeing Obama/Biden signs and bumper stickers everywhere. You’re feeling frustrated about the mainstream media’s obvious bias and unwillingness to talk about important issues pertaining to Obama’s candidacy. Maybe you’re feeling the pinch of the economic crisis and hearing the false claims that it’s all “this administration’s” fault. It appears that millions of American’s have been mesmerized and hypnotized by a man whose accomplishment in life is that he has mastered the art of rhetoric.

Most of us probably agree that McCain is not our ideal candidate and, for some of us, far from it. But, we can at least say that he’s a man we can trust to uphold the office of the Presidency and the Constitution. A man we can trust to be an honorable Commander in Chief. Personally, I can’t say the same thing about Barrack Obama. The only thing I trust about Barrack Obama is that he, along with a Democratic-controlled Congress, will move this country deeper and deeper into a welfare state, and closer to socialism. I won’t even go into all of Obama’s associations with anti-American figures over the course of his rise to power; you’ve heard about some of them in the news, but there’s much more you can discover by reading this site and other sites on the internet.

It’s easy to be deflated right now, with only 2 weeks left before the election, and the MSM doing all they can to convince everyone that it’s going to be a landslide. But, now is not the time to give up. Now is the time to throw this back in their face! We have to make sure we get out to vote, encourage everyone we know to vote (as long as they aren’t Obama supporters!), and persuade friends and acquaintances who might be undecided, that Obama is just too risky. If you have time, volunteer at your local Republican office to make calls or walk the precincts (the main goal of making sure people get to the polls!). Write a simple letter to the editor of your local newspaper(s) stating why you are supporting McCain (even though most of our newspapers are controlled by the left). And, don’t discount the power of the internet! In fact, at this point, with 2 weeks to go, the internet may be the most powerful medium to effect the outcome of this election! We’ve all got an email list of people who are “right-thinkers”. First, use the internet to read about the important stuff that the mainstream media (even Fox News) is ignoring. Send emails! Pass on information that you read about and that others might also see as important. Maybe you can sway even just one mind that Obama is too risky to vote for.

Then pray. And you’ll at least feel like you did something to prevent what could be the end of conservatism as we know (or knew) it.


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