B.O. to Hawaii

Seems a little fishy doesn’t it? Of course, I don’t trust the guy as far as Hillary can throw him, and I hate to speculate, but… The media is really playing up the story about B.O. suspending his campaign to be by his grandmother’s side in Hawaii. (Nightline is currently doing a special story on this as I write. It’s really pulling on my heart strings.) Why might this be a stall tactic? If McCain continues to hammer B.O. while B.O. is (supposedly) by his grandmother’s bedside, the MSM will likely try to turn this against the “insensitive” McCain. B.O. will look like a sensitive, family man. McCain will be portrayed in the MSM as an angry, insensitive old man.

Another thought… the trip to Hawaii might be necessary for B.O. to dig up a more official-looking birth certificate to “prove” he is a natural-born citizen. He knows he may have to produce it at some point!

This guy has been following the Berg lawsuit against B.O. and the DNC (see post titled ‘OBAMACRIMES.COM’ above): 

America’s Right


One Response to “B.O. to Hawaii”

  1. If Grandma is that sick, why is he waiting until Thursday to go to Hawaii? Why not fly out ASAP? Oh thats right, he has to campaign in Florida and lead a Jobs Summit and hob nob with some big donors to make some more money to help steal the election. Sorry but if Grandma is as sick as he says she is, shame on him for not going now. I guess I am just cold hearted.

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