Denver’s Living Dead Come Alive!

Today, “well over 100,000” living (brain-)dead made the pilgrimage to Denver, Colorado to see the great Barack Hussein Obama spew forth large amounts of flatulent oratory, during a “Vote Early” rally. It was reported that the living dead were chanting “Yes we can” and “Change” as they made the slow, robotic march to Civic Center Park. Afterwards, the fine representatives from the DNC and ACORN held a voter orientation for Denver’s thousands of homeless.

via Obama Draws 100,000 to Denver Rally – Elections


4 Responses to “Denver’s Living Dead Come Alive!”

  1. swandiver Says:

    Better “Yes We Can” and “Change” than “Terrorist” and “Kill Him”.

  2. swandiver, have you, personally, been to a McCain and/or Palin rally where you heard someone yelling “terrorist” or “kill him”. I can only guess that you are an Obama-worshipper and that you heard this from the downstream media, which is on the stump for their man, B.O. The media, is, after all, the only source of information for most liberals. If Obama wins this election, he can thank the media for all of their efforts. Even if these reports of idiot rally-goers is true, it’s been isolated. Bring more than 10,000 people together anywhere, an you’re likely to have a few idiots (ever been to a professional sporting event?). Do you believe that the B.O. rallies have been completely void of similar idiots yelling hateful words? Highly unlikely, but you won’t hear about that from the media! For the past 8 years, all we’ve heard from the left is Bush hate speech, so it’s probably not a good idea to get into a “who spews the most hate” competition with a conservative.

  3. swandiver Says:

    Why does supporting a canidate that is most closely aligned with my political beliefs make me a worshipper? To tell you the truth, I find Obama to be a little too centrist for my tastes and would have gladly supported Dennis Kusinich if I thought he had a chance just as many people on the right would have supported Ron Paul if the Republican hierarchy had not appointed McCain the nominee.

    As far getting my information from “downstream” media, that’s all a matter of perspective. I find I could list any news source and if it doesn’t completely agree with conservative talking points, it’s dismissed as left-leaning mainstream media. This is funny because most real liberal/progressives don’t trust corporate media either.

    As far as the rally-goers “fringe” element goes, I think that you are operating under the logic of false equivelancy, the belief that just because it happens at Republican rallies by default it must happen at Democratic ones also. Most of the news footage shown of McCain/Palin rally hate speech was not some newspeople sneaking in. The simply reported what they saw. Where’s conservative footage of supporters doing the same thing at a Barak rally. Surely if this was such a big issue, someone on the right would have gotten proof that it happens on both sides.

    Bush represents 8 years of almost universally failed policies. It’s not hate speech to point out the emperor has no clothes.

  4. Wow, Obama is a “centrist”? Obama is known as being among, if not THE, most liberal person in the Senate. I’m guessing you consider yourself “libertarian”. Both Kucinich and Paul make occasional good points, but they’re both (especially Kucinich) so far out there on most things that they garner no credibility.

    You’re right, it is funny that “most real liberal/progressives don’t trust corporate media”! Actually, it’s hilarious, because they work for you guys! They’ve actually admitted their liberal slant. They don’t hide it. I will admit that Fox News has a conservative slant, but that’s one news channel against CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, LA Times, New York Times,… I could go on. I won’t even mention Hollywood. Yeah, we have talk radio, but that’s just because liberals are terrible at talk radio.

    Hey, speaking of Hollywood, how do you like the effigy of Palin hanging by a noose from the house in Hollywood? That’s not hateful, is it? Do you realize that if someone hung an effigy of Obama, that would be considered a hate crime, punishable by law? Here’s the difference: When that little old lady said to McCain at one of his townhall meetings (paraphrased) “I’ve heard that Obama hangs out with terrorists”, McCain immediately grabbed the mic from her and said “No. No. … ” He has consistently repudiated these type of comments at his rallies. You probably don’t see that on CNN, if that’s what you’re watching. On the other hand, I haven’t heard a word from Obama about the hanging effigy of Palin, and I do tune in to CNN and the other liberal media sources. Not a word from Obama on this. If you find it, please send me the source!

    You have no idea what you’re getting with Obama. But, based on the fact that you said he’s a “centrist”, well, I’m guessing any ideas he espouses would not be very radical to you. In that case, there’s zero hope for you and I agreeing on pretty much anything. We’re in completely different worlds. I think a government controlled by Obama and the current Democrats in congress is more of a threat to our country than Al Qaeda.

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