Don’t Vote Early!

I’m getting tired of hearing the “Vote Early!” mantra from the media and both parties. Will someone please tell me WHY I would want to submit my vote to an even greater possibility of vote fraud?? Does anyone remember the case in New Mexico in ’04 where they found boxes of voter ballots sitting along some river. I don’t know whether those were early voter ballots, I’m just making a point here. Voting early just allows more time for the ACORNs to mess with your vote! So, how about this: DON’T VOTE EARLY!! And, I would also say, if you are voting by mail-in ballot, DON’T MAIL IT IN!!, walk it in instead (unless, of course, you’re not able to). In my case, I will be taking my mail-in ballot to one of my precinct locations, on November 4th, no earlier, no later.


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