Are You All-In?

I attended a great event tonight, the Battleground Talkers Tour, which featured three great conservative talk radio show hosts, Dennis Prager, Hugh Hewitt, and Michael Medved. These are guys I listen too pretty much every day on the radio. They are great Americans who all conservatives are indebted too for giving us a voice every single day. And they do it proudly, just as they are doing this Tour proudly. They are hitting one city in battleground states every day for the next 6 days, starting tonight in Denver, and then moving on to Minneapolis, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Tampa, and Orlando. The goals of the Tour are to rally enthusiasm and support from conservatives in the final days up to the election, and to explain the consequences of doing nothing and allowing an Obama presidency.

Michael Medved stressed that, should Obama win, he will be a 2-term president, and that in 8 years, he can do irreversible harm to our country. He also said that, if the Democrats have complete control during this time, with an improving economy sure to happen during the next president’s term, they will be able to take credit for it (rightly or wrongly), which may result in the Democrats controlling beyond 8 years.

One of McCain’s fellow Vietnam POW’s, in a camp called The Plantation, also spoke, giving a powerful testimony of McCain’s integrity. I couldn’t hear his name because I was way in the back, but his nickname was (no kidding) “Plumber” (maybe it was “Plummer”). All I know is it wasn’t George “Bud” Day.

Hugh Hewitt then spoke, and he asked the over 2500-strong crowd, “Are you all-in?”. How important is this election to us? Are we willing to go all-in to support Colorado Republicans (namely Bob Schaffer, who as also there, and Marilyn Musgrave) and John McCain? Michael Medved echoed this plea, asking us whether we are willing to sacrifice our lives this week to volunteer (go door-to-door, man phone banks, etc, etc), give money to the campaigns (they NEED money!) and to be open and excited about our support for these candidates (bumper stickers, yard signs, etc). This is how we’re going to pull out the wins that we need. These three talk show hosts are truly sacrificing their lives and their family’s lives this week. The events are completely free, so they aren’t getting paid to do it. There were also a lot of military veterans in attendance, and Medved pointed out, rightly, that, surely, we could all sacrifice some of our time and/or money before election day to stand up for, and defend our country, just like our veterans have done for us. HE’S RIGHT! He wasn’t preaching or trying to make us feel guilty. He was compelling us to consider just how important this election is to each of us. This week is the time folks to RISE UP from our comfortable arm chairs (i.e. GET OFF OUR BUTTS!) and sacrifice a little bit for our country. I’m as guilty as anyone, but I’m committing myself to helping the campaigns any way I can this week and next; every day until election day. The polls are close and, as tonight’s hosts said, likely over-biased towards Obama, and the Democrats in general. We can’t just sit back and “let the chips fall where they may”. There IS time for McCain to seal the deal. They recounted several occasions (most recently, 2004) where the Republican was the underdog up until election day, only to go on and win by a significant margin. So, are you all-in? Call your local GOP campaign headquarters, or your state senator/congressman’s headquarters and see how you can help this week. Contribute to the campaigns, even if you’ve already given. Another $10, $20, $50 will be put to good use. In the case of the McCain campaign, the money will, most likely be used to pay the lawyers that they are going to need more than ever to defend against Democrat attempts at voter fraud and manipulation (as usual, but to an even greater degree this election).

Anyway, this was an invigorating event. I’m glad I went. Everyone was fired up. I just hope the enthusiasm carries through beyond tonight!


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