C’mon Colorado!

I worked the 96 hour Get-Out-The-Vote (GOTV) effort today at the Colorado GOP headquarters, making phone calls from 3-9pm. Wow, that’s exhausting! The place was packed with volunteers, which was really great to see. I know we made a total of something like 18,000 calls today alone, and that’s just from this one location. There are several other GOP/McCain offices doing the same thing. I had a fairly easy day making calls today, because I happened to get a lot of seniors. The majority of the ones that I was able to talk to were all-in for the Republicans! Then there were those that said, when asked whether they are supporting McCain/Palin, “it’s a secret ballot, that’s for me to know!”. Can’t blame them. A lot of people, especially those that have voted already, are getting really annoyed with all of the calls they are getting from both sides. I know how they feel, because I get at least 2 calls per day from the various Republican campaign committees.

Mitt Romney stopped by to say hi to us and give a pep talk tonight, along with Bill Owens (previous Republican Governor), and Bob Shaffer (Republican congressman, running for Senate against the Boulder liberal, Mark Udall). Mitt Romney is popular here. I really hope he has a future in the Republican party. 

Anyway, today was an encouraging day. I have a sense that Colorado may be swinging towards McCain, even though the polls are saying it’s an 8-point lead for Obama. I just don’t believe it. Obama was in Pueblo today and it sounds like he didn’t get a very hearty reception. There were a lot of ticked off business owners who were forced to shut down (by the secret service). Some of them hung McCain/Palin signs, and “No socialists welcome” signs in their store windows, and the Obama campaign covered them with sheets! 

More phone calls, and maybe some door-to-door tomorrow…


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