Agenda disappears from Obama Web site

via Washington Times – EXCLUSIVE: Agenda disappears from Obama Web site

“We are currently retooling the Web site,” said Obama spokesman Nick Shapiro.



4 Responses to “Agenda disappears from Obama Web site”

  1. flaminglibasintarian Says:

    First, the registration process sucks. Noone’s going to comment if they have to go through that.

    Second, ok, this is getting scary. Can you say, 1984?

  2. flaminglibasintarian Says:

    Moderation? What is with the moderation? My comment has to wait for moderation? Has it been sent to the office of president-elect for the OK? What gives?

  3. flaminglibasintarian Says:

    So, mister blogger, are you going to get around to moderating comments or what? In the mean time, here’s some very scary shi-ite:

    WHERE ARE OUR LEADERS!!! Does the rule of law mean nothing anymore! Look to Iraq, Pakistan and everywhere else where the law is not upheld and respected to see where we’re headed. Third world here we come.

  4. Hey, flaminglibasintarian, let’s try to stay on topic.

    And, no, the rule of law hasn’t meant much for a while now, and will mean even less when King Obama takes the throne. With respect to the gay, lesbian, bixexual, transectual, cross-dressing, girlie-men, butch-dikes (GLBTCDGMBD) who are protesting around the country, the best thing to do is ignore them. In Californicatia, there are wild fires raging, and the nutters (which include Hollywood elites) apparently think their “cause” is more important than the fires.

    Now stay on topic!

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