GOP Voters Say Palin, Romney and Huckabee Are Top 2012 Choices

via CQ Politics | Poll Tracker – GOP Voters Say Palin, Romney and Huckabee Are Top 2012 Choices

See you in 2016! None of these “top choices” can win in 2012.

Palin: I like her, but she’ll be the next laughing stock of the party for liberals. Just look how she was treated and portrayed by the liberal media conglomerate in just a few months of this year’s campaign. Again, I like her, but she can’t win the presidency.

Romney: I like him, and could care less whether he’s a Mormon, but too many people will have a problem with this, including evangelicals. He can’t bring in (or bring back) voters to the Republican party. Can’t win. Period.

Huckabee: Has the best chance of the three, because he’s seen as a good and fair man, willing to “cross the aisle”. But, here we are again. He’s a very strong, evangelical Christian. Christianity, unfortunately, is out of favor these days, especially in Washington. He can’t, and shouldn’t, muffle his expression of faith, but being open about it and how it guides him in life will have the liberal religious hate squads out in full force. So, it’s highly unlikely that Huckabee can win, but, as opposed to the other two “top” choices for 2012, I think he should be a candidate. At least this would test the conservative electorate to see where their values lie.


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